Sunday, August 29, 2010

Alright my followers!

I am off to bed now, i have posted some of my old writings on here now for you to see.
I hope you take something from them, and learn something maybe?
Follow me please if you find my stuff interesting, and i shall follow you back.
I feel that people need to hear what i have to say.

Peace out!

Dust, Swings,and Material Things.

The world is a scary place.
I think about death a lot.
I think about people.
I think about what they will feel like when they die.
I think about how they might die.

I was walking home with my friend tonight and something hit me.
Harder than it has ever hit me before.
Everything i saw.
Should not be.
I was talking about how pointless our existence is.

How we are just dust.
We are born, not our choice.
We then die, not our choice.
When we die, there is not heaven, nor is there a hell, there is just nothingness.
You become the very thing your mother or father told you to take off the TV when you cleaned up the house.


Think of your TV right now.
When was the last time you dusted it?
Think of how many dead people are on your TV right now.
They are all dust.
Every single person that has ever died, ever, had a story.
They all wanted to be something.
They all wanted to impress someone.
Find a love interest.
Have children.
Get married.


These people that have died wasted the time they had doing pointless things that don't matter to anyone that is alive today.

People at my school died. People are upset for a bit.
Now all they have is a piece of wood with their names carved in it, and when this generation of kids is gone and all the new grade 9 kids come in. They wont know anything about them. Their names on the wall will go unnoticed, untouched, forgotten.

Family members can think about you, remember you.
So can friends.
But what happens when they all die?
You become dust.

You walk past a house and on the tree on the front lawn, there is a swing.
You think about all the people that have had fun on that swing.
How long it will stay there.
The people living in that house, when will they die?
Will the next people to move in, keep it or take it down?
either way, no one remembers who put it there.
because they are just dust.

Life: But who would want that?

There are a lot of things in life that i will never understand.

1. Money. Who made the first piece of money thinking it was a good idea. There are over 6 billion people on earth. Who was the retard that developed money so that as people, on earth without it, we die. If you are one the 6 billion people on earth why are you not in titled to everything? Why do we need money? Everything should be free, and everyone should be taken care of with love and compassion. I'm sick of this fucking planets stupidity. Why is it that everyone feels a need to have money, and be rich and fucking be so god damned greedy!

2.Girls. Anything you plan on doing with a girl has probably already been done long before you got there. Most likely you are just the re-bound guy. The guy that girls will go to when they are mourning the loss of their past boyfriend. Sometimes they use you, get what they want, if they don't find anything of value, they leave. Other times, they may find something in you that they like, and they may hold onto you for a while, but in the end they will get rid of you. Majority of people in high school have had at least one relationship that they are going to think about for life. That first person that you got naked in front of. Do you remember how nervous you were? I was. Girls want three main things. Older guy, car, and money. It helps if your jacked to shit with gel in your spiked hair with the same skin tone as a fucking carrot, but that is optional. Even if you marry your high school sweetie, she will eventually leave you, she can divorce you, die, or you can die. In the end you will not be together.

3.Parents. I know if anyone is to ever read this stuff i write, it wont make much sense, but parents man, fuck. I know I am a teenager, and to me the parents are supposed to be this evil, soulless group of demons that punish me for nothing, and force me to, oh dear god, take out the trash. Fuck em. Parents are amazing things to have in life, but sweet fuck are they annoying. Not even the fact that they are parents, just as people, they are fucking annoying. Anyone ever just look at your parents as normal people. Are they anything you would ever see yourself even talking to in a bomb shelter on judgment day? My parents are wonderful to me, they do the best they can to bring me up, they have taught me things in life, but sweet fucking christ they are annoying. Everything that has to be done, must be done on their time. Andrew, shovel the driveway. If i say anything other than okay, and get up and start to do it. I'm wrong, and get yelled at, or hassled until i do it. I know it has to be done, i will get it done, just when its at a good time for me. But! If you are to go ask them something like where can i find two double A batteries, you will get this: "SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" and then an evil death glare. Also people like my step mother who will tell you all these things about her younger days as a teen, okay ya, ill listen, its kinda cool. BUT! when you sit down and make me stand around for 2 hours while you talk about the same thing a couple of weeks later, you can go fuck yourself. Why do people feel the need to talk and talk and talk. YOU ARE OLD, STFU, GO PLAY BINGO, AND KNIT ME A FUCKING SWEATER!

The children are fucking children!

 And im happy about it.
The end of the human race is starting with the children of today.
live long and fuck alot.
well, ok, you can do that. but FUCKING WAIT TILL YOU CAN SUPPORT YOURSE

There is way to many fucking STI/STD's out there now a days.
And it sickens me to fucking all hell to think that some girls are so fucking stupid, and they just go and do whatever.
I personally don't care, i hope they all die, and get what they deserve.

but its sad because these girls, are simply just that. girls.
stupid little fucking immature girls.
and they get in their heads from birth, that dolls are babies, and you can fuck some guy and put his penis inside your body, and then you can legit make one, and keep it forever, and its cute, and you can play with it, and then when you get bored of it, throw it on the ground, and then as you get a bit older and realise hey i dont want it anymore, lets throw it out.

you cant just do that with a real baby, i mean you could, and i totaly hope you do, but you wont want to.
im sick of watching these sweet girls enter high school and come out a total fucking loss.
and never ever fucking waste your time trying to help them, because most likly they have had fucked up pasts and they dont give two flying fucks about what your saying.

Helping other people in life will only hurt you.
Dont ever care for anyone, never help anyone.
If someone comes to you for help, do the best you can, but dont waste more than 10 minutes of your fucking time.
Make it 9.
some girls are different.
only some.
but you can find them easy, so if your even second guessing anything chances are they just want attention.

Fuck i hate children, children fucking children to make children, fuck.

That snow filled black hole.

There are days when i just wake up and think.
There are days when i just wake up and breathe.
There are days when i just wanna sleep.
There are days when i just want to believe.

There are nights when i wish upon a star.
There are nights when i wonder where you are.
There are nights when i want to sit and cry.
There are nights when i want to kiss it all goodbye.

There are days when i walk and think about you.
There are days when i walk and wish you would to.
There are days when i walk around in my room.
There are days when i walk thinking of my doom.

These were the days when i was still living.
These were the days i keep on forgetting.
These were the days where i wanted die.
These were the days when only i cried.

Today is the day when i start my new life.
Today is the day i might meet my wife.
Today is the day that the old me will fade.
Today is the day that I'll rest in the shade.

Alright so blogspot is really cool

I like how i can post an awesome blog about stuff.
so this blog is going to be about teh_future!
what do you think will happen in the future?
will you be rich or poor?
will you ever get married?


Filming and Editing

are almost as amazing as making cheese.

more posts coming s00n timez